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Website themes, extras and freebies for Sparkle. 

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Build Professional Websites The Easy Way

Beautiful website themes, theme extras and freebies for Sparkle, a simple, intuitive and amazingly powerful website builder for macOs. 

Full design control of your website. No monthly fees. No messy plugins.

Website Themes

Sparkle Themes website templates are made to save time. Perfect for designers and people who just want a beautiful, easy to use, reliable responsive, mobile-friendly website. 

Theme Extras

Theme Extras are for when you don’t need a full template. All extras are built with Sparkle. No messy plug-ins or widgets. Simply copy and paste into your website design.

About Sparkle

Sparkle is a premium visual website builder for Mac Os. 

Sparkle combined with Sparkle Themes is perfect for people who want to build websites fast.

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Sparkle Timesaver Tip 

Full page view keyboard shortcut

Want to see your entire page in Sparkle from top to bottom? 

Being able to see your entire page can make moving things around and getting a perspective of where you are at much faster. 

Use the keyboard command: Command + End Bracket, or go to Menu / View / Fit Entire Page

This feature is new to Sparkle 3.0 +

Keyboard shortcut timesaving tip for fit entrire page.
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Sparkle Themes Tutorials

Sparkle Themes tutorials are short, concise and easy to understand. What you’ll learn:

  • Sparkle Basics
  • Tips, tricks, shortcuts and timesavers
  • Hidden features
  • Pro Power Lessons

Tutorials will be rolled out step by step, our first lesssons will be Sparkle Basics. 

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