Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the basics to help get you started with Sparkle

About Sparkle App

What is Sparkle App?

Sparkle App is a drag and drop website builder for Mac. Sparkle App makes it easy to build and own your own website.

Is Sparkle App available for Windows?

Sparkle App is a desktop application for MacOs only.

About Sparkle Themes

What are Sparkle Themes?

Sparkle Themes are website templates designed and built exclusively for Sparkle.

How do I install a Sparkle Theme Template?

Simply unzip your purchased sparkle theme and open the included sparkle template. Please note You must purchase Sparkle to open and edit your template. 

Website basics 

How do I make my website live?

First you will need to purchase a domain and a website hosting plan. You can find many online, or you can get us to register your domain and set up website hosting for you.

How do I publish my website?

Once you are finished your website, press the Publish button, enter your credentials and you’re done! 

Where can I get plug-ins?

Use Embed HTML

Sparkle uses the Embed HTML method to expand functionality and add Integrations. For example, this website uses a 3rd party online shopping platform, all we had to do was paste the product code into Sparkle and our items show up on the website.

Are Sparkle Themes responsive?

Yes. All Sparkle Themes templates are responsive

Responsive themes are optimised for viewing on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. All Sparkle Themes templates are built for viewing on Desktop, Tablet and mobile devices. 

Sparkle Themes website templates are designed to work great on mobile devices and tablets, saving you hours – if not days, of your time and removing the confusion of designing navigation for multiple devices.

Do you have live examples?

This website was built in Sparkle

This website is built, and updated with Sparkle. Products and shopping features are imported using the Sparkle Embed HTML function.

Is Sparkle a replacement for Adobe Muse? 


Sparkle is a freeform design app just like Adobe Muse. Sparkle 3 is now taking it a step beyond and now includes:

  • Layers  
  • Pop ups
  • Blog
  • SEO assistant
  • Native ecommerce monetisation features
  • Lottie animation
  • Automatic device layout (breakpoint) generation
  • And more

Does Sparkle have a blog option?

Sparkle App is a ‘static’ website builder but Sparkle 3 now includes a blog

If you are using Sparkle 2, upgrade to Sparkle 3 to make use of the new Blog function.

We find that Sparkle is best for: 

  • people who don’t want the complexity or security and maintenance issues that come with some CMS based website builders.
  • people who don’t want to be tied to ongoing subscription that can cost a lot over time.

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