Sparkleburgers are little .svg, .png, and .jpg files to make your mobile menus look really cool.

Sparkleburgers - A freebie by Sparkle Themes


About Sparkle Burgers

A Sparkle Burger is a neat little graphic designed specifically to work with Sparkle App’s menu system, particularly for mobile and tablet devices. 

You can download the Sparkle Burger kit for free, and use the burgers for free, for ever. Yay for Sparkle Burgers!

Now that the world has finally accepted the little three lined icon as an indicator that there is a menu to reveal when pressed, we can happily go about our digital lives not having to find a solution for navigation in camped spaces like your smartphone screen.

Your solution for Sparkle App is right here in a package called Sparkle Burgers. Sparkle Burgers are a set of carefully designed burger icons that work exceptionally well with Sparkle App’s vertical menu options, otherwise known as Mobile Menus. 

After building so many Sparkle websites I’ve built a simple kit of burger graphics specifically for use with Sparkle App.

Sparkle Burgers require such little effort it’s almost unbelievable. You can scale the size of the Sparkle Burger to your liking, creating that perfect aesthetic for your website, with just the few taps of your mouse or trackpad. 


  • All versions

File types included

  • svg 
  • png
  • jpg

Included in download

  • Sparkleburger Kit in .zip format containing 45 Sparkleburger variations
  • License agreement



How to add a Sparkle Burger to your website

  • 1. Add a menu to your website, select the vertical option and then choose a menu position.
    - Note; adding a menu applies to all devices that are active in the Device pane. You can hide the menus for devices that you don’t want to have a vertical menu. This will usually be the Wide Desktop PC’s and PC’s and Landscape Tablet devices.
  • 2. Place your menu where you want it on the page.
  • 3. In the Menu list window select the the first item in the list, which by default is called, Menu. You will see below the list an option for Background, which includes the default grey, rounded edge burger icon.
  • 4. Select Replace (or Remove, then Replace), and navigate to your downloaded Sparkle Burger folder and select a burger that best suits your design.
    - Sparkle Burgers are supplied in black, charcoal and white. If you want to change the colour you can do so with an image editing application.
    - .SVG files are vector images so they can be edited in any vector application that can read .svg files.
    - .PNG, .JPG, and .GIF files are raster files and can be edited in any application that can edit photographic images

A note on hamburger menus and navigation

Burgers found their fame when the iPhone was first launched. Burger icons are a solution for communicating with the user that there is a list of navigation options to be revealed by pressing the three compact little bars. 

When the hamburger menu icon found its place in the digital ecosphere,  a lot of people did not know that a hamburger icon indicated a menu reveal. 

Burger icons are now the the norm on smartphones and tablets, particularly for Apps. They now cemented ui navigation logic, but there’s a catch for the unweary.

The hamburger menu icon extended to desktop website layouts and quite a few years ago hamburger menus began to replace horizontal menus. Because it looked nicer. Lots of big name companied took this design approach as trendy design agencies scrambled over themselves to migrate desktop website navigation systems to hamburger menus. And this trickled all the way down to mum and dad websites. And then the traffic data tarted coming in, and it was catastrophic -– burger icon navigation resulted in massive declines in engagement simply because people did not understand that the tiny little burger in the menu was doorway to site-wide navigation. 

Hamburger menus can be good and hamburger menus can be bad:

  • Mobile - hamburger menus are good for mobile devices because just about everyone expects the three little lines to be an indicator of a hidden menu. 
  • Tablet - hamburger menus are kind of okay on tablet devices when space is limited, or there is a lot of navigation content that needs to be pushed away until needed. But if you can fit a vertical menu with clear written links then choose that option first.
  • Desktop - hamburger menus on desktop websites are not really a good idea. They might look nice from a design point of view but page loads and user time on websites with burger-only menus drop rapidly, regardless of the acceptance of the menus as a navigation system on hand held devices.

In summary, Sparkle Burgers are fun, Sparkle Burgers are cool, but use your Sparkle Burgers wisely. When you are adding a burger, ask yourself if it is a good idea or not? 

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