What can I use instead of Muse?

The most similar website building experience to Adobe Muse is Sparkle Visual Website Builder

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Sparkle Visual website builder has the same free-form design capability as Adobe Muse

Published | March 2021 

While Muse is still a working website builder, its development has ceased. That has left many people who want the same free form design capability scratching for options. So many affiliates say such and such is the most similar alternative. What you need to know is that there is only one website building app available today that actually offers the same free form design capability as Muse, and that is Sparkle visual website builder.

The ‘visual website builder’ part means the same as free from design; you add an item to a page and move it where you want to. You can add device types, otherwise known as breakpoints, and customise each breakpoint (‘device’ in Sparkle language) to how you like it.

For Muse experts there is one difference in Sparkle’s approach to responsive design in that each device type (‘breakpoint’ in Muse language) uses the fixed width model. When I first started with Sparkle it felt a little restricted but in a shirt time I was converted. 

When I learnt how rock solid and reliable the fixed width method was, not mention faster, I was hooked. In fact, variable width breakpoints now seem silly to me. They’re so much work for so little visual benefit.

Variable width breakpoints have a lot to with why so many websites look so bland and so the same. So much creativity and freedom to experiment is lost to variable width breakpoints. With Sparkle, you are free to move things around on the page, and where you place them is exactly where they stay.

Adobe Muse and Sparkle UI

Sparkle’s user interface is based on the Mac Os. It seems relatively simple but there are meny hidden features that appear when you select an object.

Before I go any further I must add once caveat–Sparkle only works on macOs. So if you are a PC user, you’ll need a Mac. In my opinion, its worth it. 

So what’s the same? 

Just like in Muse, you add items from the toolset to the canvas, resize and move them until you are happy with the result and move onto the next item. You repeat this process on each device type that you are using in your website.

What Sparkle does have:

What Sparkle doesn’t have:

What’s similar but different in approach?:

What could be better?

I miss the feature in Muse where you drag a guide down the and every item below it moves down with it. But with Sparkle’s regular improvements, who know’s what the’er going to come up with.

What’s is better?

And drumroll… what Sparkle has that Muse never had:

Sparkle vs 3, published in late 2020, now has:

Can I collaborate on a Sparkle website with a colleague?

You can collaborate with a colleague (or client that has a Mac) using iCloud or Dropbox. In my experience, iCloud is a much better experience.

How do I backup a Sparkle website?

Copy your Sparkle source file to an external volume or a cloud service. On a modern mac that’ll take about all of 5 seconds.

Is Sparkle expensive?

Sparkle offers multiple purchase grades. Our recommendation is the Sparkle Pro subscription, which is currently about $120USD/year. 

Where can I buy Sparkle?

Do I need to purchase additional plugins, widgets etc?

No you don’t. 

What about templates and themes for Sparkle?

You can get sparkle themes and templates right here. 

Creator of Sparkle Themes

Themes for Sparkle visual website builder

Download Themes, extras and free stuff. Sparkle Themes build websites specifically for Sparkle visual website builder. The only free form design replacement for Adobe Muse.

Need help migrating a website from Adobe Muse to Sparkle?

If you need help migrating an Adobe Muse website to Sparkle, send a message from the contact page. Only a simple message is required to get started. We quote price and time on a per project basis.

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