Custom Shop Item 

A super-simple starter file ready to paste into your custom Sparkle e-commerce website. 

Custom Shop Item - Theme Extra by Sparkle Themes


About Custom Shop Item

Sparkle gives to the freedom to design your online shop exactly how you want it. Custom Shop Item 


  • Sparkle vs 2.8.11 +


  • Desktop wide
  • PC’s landscape tablets
  • Portrait tablets
  • Landscape smartphones
  • Portrait smartphones


Included in download

  • Sparkle template file
  • License agreement


How to use Custom Shop Item

  • Once you’ve downloaded the file, unzip it and open the Sparkle document.
  • Select the Three Column Text content and copy it.
  • Open your Sparkle website file, go your preferred page and press Paste
  • Adjust the vertical position to place the Theme Extra where you want it 
  • Adjust the fonts and colours to suit your website


  • If you don’t use all device types in your website only the device types you have will display
  • The default font for Three Column Text Theme Extra is Helvetica Neue
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