Image Align Left and Right

A staple design option used in modern websites

Image Align Left and Right theme extra by Sparkle Themes


About Image Left and Right

Image Left and Right is a staple responsive layout formula for text columns, designed to work perfectly on all device options for Sparkle. 

Simply copy and paste the objects into your Sparkle website design. Replace the content and style the text and you’re done.


  • Sparkle vs 2.8.4 +

Device layouts

  • Desktop wide
  • PC’s landscape tablets
  • Portrait tablets
  • Landscape smartphones
  • Portrait smartphones


Included in download

  • Sparkle vs 2.8 file
  • License agreement


How to use Image Align Left and Right theme extra

  • 1. Download the .zip file and decompress it.
  • 2. Open the Sparkle document, select the two image align right and left options and Copy.
  • 3. Open your Sparkle website file, navigate to your preferred page and Paste
  • 4. Adjust the fonts and colours and images to suit your website


  • Once you paste the artwork into your Sparkle website, the colours in the the document may adjust to the colours in your Sparkle file.
  • The font in Simple Contact Form download file is Helvetica Neue. You can change it to any font you want, just remember to change the fonts on every device width.

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