Responsive Price Cards

Three-up price cards with two options. Built for desktop wide, desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Price Cards - Fully responsive theme extra


About Responsive Price Cards

One of the most popular price formatting options on the web. Responsive Price Cards are preformatted for multiple device sizes and ready for you to stylise with your own fonts and colours.


  • Sparkle vs 2.8.6 +


Responsive - designs created for desktop wide, desktop, tablet and mobile devices


Included in download

Sparkle template file

License agreement


How to use Price Cards theme extra

Once you’ve downloaded the file, unzip it and open the Sparkle document.

  • 1. Select the contents (all elements are grouped into one item) and copy.
  • 2. Open your Sparkle website file, go your preferred page and Paste.
  • 3. Full Width Hero is intended to be used at the top of your web page but can be placed anywhere you like.
  • 4. Adjust the fonts and colours to suit your website design and replace the background image with your own.
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