Team Profile Cards

Add staff profiles to your project with ease. Team cards are 4-up and perfectly readjust to suit each device.

Team Profile Cards - Feature theme extra


About Team Profile Cards

Team Profile Cards are a perfect solution to adding staff profiles or testimonials to your Sparkle website. 

Responsive means that the Team Profile Cards are designed for each device option is Sparkle.

On Desktop wide they are placed 4-up and then are placed perfectly for each device down to portrait smart phones.

All you need to do is replace the contents and adjust the type styles to match your design.


  • Sparkle vs 2.8.6 +


  • Desktop wide
  • PC’s landscape tablets
  • Portrait tablets
  • Landscape smartphones
  • Portrait smartphones


Included in download

Sparkle template file

License agreement


About Team Profile Cards

  • Team profile cards are a selection of grouped elements
  • Grouping elements together makes it easy for you move items around on each device type
  • If you need to ungroup a profile card be sure to ‘Move items to back’, after ungrouping or after regrouping. If you have a pinned navigation menu, items that have their group state changed default to the front most position on the page
  • Resizing - you can resize all or parts of a profile card 
  • To resize the entire card, simply grab a corner to enlarge or reduce
  • To resize an element within a profile card, double click the element, or click through the group until the desired element is selected
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