A single page theme inspired by musicians, including merch features, gig list and album list. 

Jazzman - Single page responsive website


About Jazzman

Jazzman Website Theme for Sparkle is single page landing page inspired by the needs of musicians. Sections included; about, albums, biography, merchandise, gigs and contact. Design inspiration is inspired by musicians but but the theme can be adapted to pretty much any profession. 


Responsive - desktop wide, tablet, mobile devices

Desktop and mobile navigation

Pre-formatted paragraph styles for all device types

Google fonts

Social media buttons


  • Sparkle vs 2.8.11 +


Included in download

Sparkle template file

License agreement


Responsive devices

Menu system

The two menu systems are used across three device layouts:

You can toggle on and off mobile menus for the tablet and desktop wide device layouts using the hidden elements option to see if you prefer to use horizontal menus or vertical ‘mobile’ menus on your website

Both Horizontal and vertical menus are set to add pages manually, it is recommended you do not turn on Auto add pages



Poppins font family. 

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