Photographer One

A very simple theme featuring big images to showcase your best photographic work.

Photographer One - A multi page responsive website


About Photographer One

Photographer One website template for Sparkle app is a minimalist folio, stripped down to the bare minimum, it focuses on your images so they really stand out. You can think of Photographer One as a light box with nostalgic design influences from the days of film.


Responsive - desktop wide, tablet, mobile

Custom desktop and mobile navigation

Formatted paragraph styles


Sparkle vs 3.0 +


Included in download

Sparkle template file

License agreement


Responsive devices

  • Desktop Wide (1200 pixels)
  • Portrait Tablet (768 pixels)
  • Portrait Smartphone (320 pixels)

Menu system

  • Desktop Wide - horizontal menu
  • Portrait Tablet - horizontal menu 
  • Smartphone - vertical with custom Sparkle Burger
  • The two menu systems are used across three device layouts
  • For desktop wide and portrait tablet you can swap out between horizontal and vertical menus, turn on hidden elements to see the hidden menu option and decide which menu you like best
  • Menus are set to add pages manually, it is recommended you do not turn on ‘auto add pages’.


  • Home
  • About
  • Contact & Thank You 
  • Collections
    • Candid
    • Weddings
    • Interior
    • Auto
    • Fashion
    • Pets
    • Recent Work


Keeping with our minimalist design approach, collection pages use large, wide images in landscape format. There are no galleries, just big, bold images. This makes for super fast editing and updating, simply select the image you want to change and per add/replace. 

Because Sparkle App is amazing at optimising images you you don’t need to crop or resize images before you add them.

Image Overlays

Full width hero images use image transparency to improve text legibility. Behind each image is a full width box filled with black. The image on top will have a custom transparency applied and can be adjusted when you replace the template images with your own.


  • Mac System Font, Helvetica Neue

Them Extras included

Updates for Sparkle 3

  • Logical naming of layers and grouped items
  • Improved contact form setup
  • Minor design tweaks and refinements
  • Improved text style naming
  • Loads natively without prompting a duplicate
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