Café Magnifiqué

A ready-to-go multi-page website for a cafe or restaurant. Complete with beautiful food menus and gallery. 

Cafe Magnifique - Multi-page responsive theme


About Café Magnifiqué

A delicious theme for cafes and restaurants. Cafe Magnifique features built in food menus which are super simple to edit. Complement  you social media presence and get found on Google with your own fully customisable website.


  • Responsive design for desktop wide, tablet, mobile devices
  • Clean and simple design
  • Smooth animations
  • Pre-formatted paragraph styles for all device types
  • Google and custom fonts
  • Social media buttons
  • Instagram feed Integration


  • Sparkle vs 2.8.11 +


Included in download

Sparkle template file

License agreement

Custom font


Responsive devices

  • Desktop Wide (1200px)
  • Portrait Tablet (768px)
  • Portrait Smartphone (320px)


  • Home/Landing
  • About
  • Food menus:
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Hot Drinks
    • Cold Drinks
  • Gallery page
  • Contact page
  • Thank You page 


The two menu systems are used across three device layouts:

  • Desktop - Horizontal menu
  • Tablet - Vertical Menu
  • Mobile - Vertical menu


  • Pop up Image Galleries
  • Designed specifically for Influencers website needs


  • Dawning of a New Day custom free front
  • Catamaran Family

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